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The Road Forward, Part 2

9 Nov


I would call a joint session of Congress for Monday morning.  This is what I would say.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Americans, it is no secret that some of you have hated me for the last four years, whether because I’m black, a Democrat, or a liberal.  I want you to know that the past is forgotten as of now.  I am willing to work with anyone who will work with me.  I want you to know that I am available to you, so I am ordering my Chief of Staff to schedule, every night from 5 to 6 PM, 10 minutes for anyone who wants to talk to me – about problems, about solutions you think would work but no one is listening, about anything you think would make this country better.”

Then, I would call Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner to the podium.  I would hand each pair a sheet of paper with a list on it.

“On each of these sheets of paper is a list of suggestions for cutting the budget and raising revenue.  I want the Democrats to caucus together and decide what three suggestions for spending cuts they can live with, or add something if it is not on the list.  I want the Republicans to decide what three types of revenue increases they can live with, and I will discuss new ideas if they are not on the list.  You will notice that I have given each side the part of the equation they dislike most, so this is your chance to tell us if you can reason for the good of the country or if you are bound to ideology.  ”

“I expect a report from both sides by Friday afternoon.  On the Monday after Thanksgiving, we will begin work on avoiding the fiscal cliff, using the suggestions you have provided.  If a solution is not reached, I will allow us to go over the cliff.  It is time to end the gridlock and paralysis that has gripped us for the last two years and go to work for the good of our nation.”

“Thank you very much.”


The Road Forward, Part 1

8 Nov


Now that President Obama is starting his second term, I thought we should talk about what changes he should make to his cabinet and other advisors, etc.  There has been much talk about John Kerry being the new Sec of State, and he would be a competent one, for Europe.  But as our dealings have expanded to the rest of the world, I would prefer a younger one who is very savvy about the world.  My personal pick would be Jon Huntsman, but I doubt he would take it.  So my suggestion is Fareed Zakaria.  He knows more about the world than anyone I know of and he has met most of the world leaders and spoken with them personally.  He is measured, very intelligent, and understands the place of America in the world.

One thing I would do right away is appoint Ray Kurzweil as Science Advisor at Large.  I would have him do a general overview of any program involving science, report to me, and then begin implementing any suggestions he has that I can approve of.  If any of you don’t know who he is, here’s a link.  http://singularity.com/aboutray.html  Alternatively, I would combine the Energy Department, the NIH, and the CDC under a Cabinet post called the Department of Science and make him Secretary, although I would still like him to look at other departments that have science involved.

Then, I might consider something both outrageous and with a little bit of bite.  I would offer the post of Sec. of Commerce to Mitt Romney.  He says he can fix the economy, so let’s give him a chance.  On the other hand, if he spent the first three months suggesting nothing but tax cuts, I’d let him go.

For Budget Director, some have suggested Bowles of Bowles/Simpson, but I would like to do what Kevin Kline did in DAVE and have a single, independent accountant go over the proposed budget each year.  Then, I would combine the office of Budget Director with Treasury Secretary.  It would seem that the two should be held by the same person.  I don’t have a suggestion for this post except to say it should be someone who is not connected to Wall Street or a large corporation.

That’s all I have for now.  Suggestions and reactions welcomed.